New York Times Reporting: Arctic Rush

As the 21st century marches on, a new ocean is likely to emerge, making way for what could be the last great land grab in human history. That ocean is the Arctic Ocean, and its once powerful ice – a barrier that has long kept away all but the most intrepid explorers – is yielding to global warming. Major scientists predict that by the end of the century, the polar ice cap – which has been an annual feature on the North Pole for some 15 million years – will melt completely in the summer months. The melt will open new shipping routes, allow for increased oil and gas exploration and lead to potential military confrontations. And for the people who live in the region, warmer temperatures could mean drastic changes in the environment and their lives. This hour-long documentary – produced by Craig Duff with reporters from The New York Times, and shot over four months in four countries – brings viewers to the cold north for a glimpse into a warmer future, as countries and companies gird themselves for an Arctic Rush.
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