Video Journalism

As one of the original video team members at the New York Times, Craig is a pioneer in video journalism and continues to produce top-quality stories for major news organizations.


How the Smart Grid is Changing the Job Market in Illinois

As clean energy job growth outpaces conventional energy sectors like coal in Illinois, new opportunities are being created in both rural and urban areas of the state.


AJ+: Chicago Vs. Murder

On the morning of New Year’s Eve in Chicago, hundreds marched down Michigan Avenue, one of the city’s wealthiest streets. Many of them held crosses with the names of all … Read More


AJE Video: The Vets Who Help Pakistan’s Abused and Injured Donkeys

These are the Karachi vets who step in to save donkeys that are abused or injured in Pakistan’s remote villages. The program, launched by the Ayesha Chundrigar Foundation, … Read More


How the Oreo Became a Campaign Issue

When an Oreo manufacturing plant in Chicago moves production to Mexico, hundreds of workers are laid off. Reported with Stephen Franklin for


The New York Times: A Weekend in Chicago

Over Memorial Day holiday in Chicago, Craig joined more than two dozen other journalists with the New York Times to report on every single shooting victim in the city that … Read More


Ricochet ( Part One: What the guns do

ER doctors at Advocate Christ Medical Center try to save the lives of gunshot victims while family and neighbors mourn after a bullet pierces a house, striking 11-year-old … Read More


Ricochet ( Part Two: Who suffers? 

Basketball coach Shawn Harrington struggles to recover from a gunshot wound that left him paralyzed while a high school teacher offers a message of forgiveness to those who … Read More


Ricochet ( Part Three: Who buys the guns?

Kids from the Brighton Park neighborhood say gangs are their family and they would never give them up, while teens in the Back of the Yards neighborhood say … Read More


Ricochet Part Four: Stopping gun crimes

Interrupters from Cure Violence, formerly known as Cease Fire, try to cool tempers and immediately defuse the conflicts that perpetuate the cycle of violence. And local law enforcement … Read More


Ricochet Part Five: What can Chicago residents do to change the violence that plagues the city streets? 

In part 5 of the original series on Chicago and life in a city under siege from guns, we meet a group of men called Brothers on the … Read More


Ricochet: Epilogue – Not Standing for Silence (

Why, instead of standing up for victims of gun violence in places like Sandy Hook, U.S. Representative Robin Kelly chooses to sit in silent protest, and parents who … Read More


Glamping with Race Fans on the Infield of the Indy 500 (

Some fans of the Indianapolis 500 are, for the first time, spending race weekend camped out in luxurious tents on the speedway’s infield. For diehard fans who were … Read More


Maintaining a Classical Music Miracle in Cleveland (

As orchestras see audiences age and dwindle in size, the Cleveland Orchestra is trying to attract the youngest audience of any in America by its 100th birthday in … Read More


She Still Owns the First Mustang Ever Sold (

Gail Wise and her husband Tom own the first Ford Mustang ever purchased. She bought it in 1964 before Mustangs went on sale, and he later restored it. … Read More


Meet the Hard-Working Veterans Offering a Safe Passage to Chicago Youth (NationSwell)

See how one organization is reducing student loan debt and violence at the same time with an innovative program to help veterans. Read more: