Maintaining a Classical Music Miracle in Cleveland (

As orchestras see audiences age and dwindle in size, the Cleveland Orchestra is trying to attract the youngest audience of any in America by its 100th birthday in 2018. In this video piece for, we meet players, patrons and the orchestra’s music director Franz Welser-Möst, who are all united to bring more young people to the orchestra’s stately hall. See the post on the NYTimes Arts Beat Blog and view the video below.


Ricochet Part Four: Stopping gun crimes

Interrupters from Cure Violence, formerly known as Cease Fire, try to cool tempers and immediately defuse the conflicts that perpetuate the cycle of violence. And local law enforcement reaches out directly to parolees to give them alternatives to violence. Read More


Ricochet ( Part Three: Who buys the guns?

Kids from the Brighton Park neighborhood say gangs are their family and they would never give them up, while teens in the Back of the Yards neighborhood say it’s better to have an illegal gun and risk going to jail than be shot dead. Read More